News Item: Another major update!
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Posted by Tim
Thursday 05 April 2007 - 14:08:49

Things at DVDxml have been a little quieter than usual lately. Regular visitors probably noticed there has not been an update for the last couple weeks. We have been terribly busy improving the site. Believe me, it was well worth it. Several major changes have been made to the database (as well as some areas of the site).

If you haven't already noticed, the submit form is back and better than ever! All you have to do is supply us with the dvdid, and we do the rest! We are very excited to have this feature available to the public again.

Along with the update comes a more accurate database. The information you see here, is now what you will see in Media Center, including the images!

So, start submitting those dvdids or visit our forum and let us know what you think. What are you waiting for!?

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