News Item: API Memberships Now Available
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Posted by Tim
Sunday 29 March 2009 - 20:47:38

Once again, we are growing! Many users have asked for a way to automate DvdID downloading. I present to you, the API. Members who wish to have more advanced functionality and the ability to remotely search our database may now do so, for a small fee. If you choose to do things manually by visiting the site and downloading the DvdID files one at a time, you may continue to do so for FREE!

API Memberships cost a one time fee of $20 and grant you API access for life. However, anyone sharing account information will have their API Membership revoked. You can purchase your API Membership here.

Developers: Feel free to utilize our API and include it in your programs. There are no client side libraries to include, everything is done via XML. Each end user is required to purchase an API Membership in order to utilize this service. Have a look at our (rather simple) API Developement Documentation.

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